Case Styles

Nova Forge manufacture a range of custom case styles and construction to suit your specific application and transit patterns

Flight / Lightweight

Nova Forge specialise in the manufacture of custom lightweight Flight Cases. Our ‘Astrolite Series’ is our lightest range, perfect for frequent fliers, sales representatives and those of us who are not as strong as we used to be! Our lightweight cases offer an excellent compromise between strength, durability and weight


Our famous ‘Protourer Series’ is your traditional heavy duty, robust road case designed for road freight punishment including touring applications where physical strength and durability is paramount. They are suitable for local, interstate and overseas travel


Our very popular ‘Metropak series’ are medium duty protective road cases which provide a unique balance between strength and weight. Feature included double angle extrusion, high quality 5 ply panel with ABS coating, foam lining, recessed spring loaded handles, recessed butterfly latches, steel ball corners


The ‘Guardian Series’ is a low to medium duty case ideal for back of the car transportation and home protection for valuable instruments and equipment. It is made of strong plywood and has marine grade carpet covering with steel ball corners and surface mounted hardware

You can email us your specifications or bring your product into our office and we will develop a free design and provide a custom quote for your custom case.

The Nova Forge brand is highly recognisable and widely acknowledged as an industry leader in providing custom case protection for your sensitive equipment and we continue to set the standard in the design and construction of durable and resilient custom flight cases and custom road cases in Australia.