The ‘Guardian Series’ is a low to medium duty case ideal for back of the car transportation and home protection for valuable instruments and equipment. It is made of strong plywood and has marine grade carpet covering with steel ball corners and surface mounted hardware. These cases have a very loyal following among our customers and most are still going strong many years after purchase.


  • 9 mm 5 ply side frames with grey carpet exterior
  • 7 mm 5 ply top and bottom panels
  • Foam lined throughout with marine grade carpet lined exterior
  • Exact fit (some tolerances apply for removing the unit)
  • Surface mounted steel spring loaded handle with rubber grip
  • Cheney drawer bolt latches (padlockable)
  • Steel square corners
  • Range of formats including hinged lid, lift off lid and front and rear removable lids.

How to Order

Phone: (03) 9543 5440