Our famous ‘Protourer Series’ is your traditional robust road case designed for punishment including constant touring applications where physical strength and durability is paramount. They are suitable for local, interstate and overseas travel and are ideal cases for fragile/sensitive equipment, hire/rental corporations and rugged road applications.


  • 9 mm / 5 ply plywood with an ABS finish (also available in silver aluminium stucco finish “Silver Protourer”)
  • Foam lining including any blocking to support equipment
  • Heaviest duty low profile recessed butterfly twist locks and handles
  • Heavy duty double angle aluminium extrusion
  • Large steel ball corners
  • Comes in a variety of colours (black is usually stocked)
  • Range of formats including hinged lid, lift off lid, removable front and rear lids

How to Order


Phone: (03) 9543 5440