Studio Desk Range

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Nova Forge offer a range of Studio Desks to suit your professional or home studio environment. Our desks are made in Australia, using only high quality materials, engineered designs and high quality precision machinery.

We provide stylish and strong studio furniture as a clear point of difference from cheap and flimsy imported metal and light timber framed desks. Our keyboard sliders for example can comfortably support twice the weight of most imported studio desk products. We can also provide minor customisations including rack sizes, shelf options, or a base and castors.

Nova Studio Desks are available in a range of sizes to suit your space and functionality requirements. From our new 2023 Compact Motif 61 designed to suit smaller studio apartments, up to our most popular Marcato 88 Large Desk incorporating considerable desktop capacity and full length keyboard slider to accommodate 88 note keyboards (see dimensions on product page). Our Studio Desks are available in both Naked (Plain) and Lustre (Black & White) finishes.

We also produce a range of Studio Rack Units that you can pair with your desk. If you want flexibility in your rack storage, our new 2023 Nova Mini 4U Mobile Studio Racks provide versatility with their narrow depth, allowing maximum desktop space. Nova Studio Racks are also available in 4U, 6U and 8U, and freestanding Slant Rack Units in both 13U and 15U options.  Racks are available in both Naked (Plain) and Lustre (Black & White) finishes.

We offer a highly personalised service from our factory showroom in Clayton so please call us on (03) 9543 5440, send us an email or drop in to discuss your requirements and the range of options we can provide.

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