Road Cases

Nova Forge provide a range of Ready-Made Road Cases for economic case options

See our Custom Cases to have a case made for your specific application

Ready - Made Road Cases

Pelican Cases

Pelican Air 1485 case. Pelican Case. Strong, Lightweight. Sold in Australia

Nova Forge stock a range of pelican cases including Pelican Air Cases, Small Protector CasesMedium Protector Cases and Large Protector Cases. We also provide Custom Foam Solutions to suit your specific needs

Packing & Utility

Nova Forge provide ready-made Packing and Utility cases in various styles ideal for transporting both smaller and larger item

19" Rackmount

Nova Forge supply a range of standard 19″ Rackmount cases in both Combo and Effects styles to support your rackmount gear

Music Cases

Nova Forge provide a range of ready-made Music cases to protect and transport your Amps, KeyboardsMixers and DJ setups

Digital Display / LED

Our ready-made Digital Display / LED case is ideal for storing and and transporting single screens


Nova Forge stock a Drawer rack case, featuring 7 drawers (3 x 2U, 3 x 3U and 1 x 6U), a fold out work table and castors for ease of transport

Rack Accessories

Nova Forge stock a range of rack accessories to suit a standard 19″ rackmount case. These include blank panelsvented panelsrack mount shelves and rack drawers