Studio Furniture

Nova Forge manufactures high quality, affordable studio desks and furniture. Our unique and evolving range of studio desks and rack options are highly sought after in both professional and home studio environments across Australia

Studio Desks

We focus on providing robust, durable and affordable studio desks to support any keyboard, rackmount, screen and monitor combination. Using only high quality materials and engineered designs, we provide stylish and strong studio desks as a clear point of difference from cheap and flimsy imported metal and light timber framed desks. Our keyboard sliders for example can comfortably support 30kg loads and we can provide minor customisations free of charge

Rack Units

Nova Studio Rack Units are standard 19″ wide to fit various rackmount gear. Our rack range include studio racks – designed to sit comfortably on any of our studio desks as well as free standing slant racks

Speaker Stands

Nova Speaker Stands are sold in pairs and are available in both Naked and Lustre finishes. They are designed to fit all professional and home recording and DJ production requirements, and can sit behind your Nova Studio workstation

All Nova Forge Studio Furniture is made in Australia using responsibly sourced timber with an ‘E0’ environmental rating. We provide a range of desks and rack units to suit your size and functional requirements.  

We offer a highly personalised service from our factory showroom in Clayton so please call us on (03) 9543 5440, send us an email or drop in to discuss your requirements and the range of options we can provide.